FAST LANE - Hosting Service for Customized Training Environments

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Hosting Service for Customized Training Environments

The Fast Lane Hosting Service will take your company's trainings to the next level, offering a custom solution including a lab environment simulating real-life workplace scenarios as well offering complementary exercises.
Highly scalable, reliable and browser based.

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The Fast Lane Hosting Service offers the most flexible and reliable access of the IT training industry. Benefit from bespoke content that can be accessed remotely - worldwide and unrestricted. Three data centers worldwide provide fast and failsafe access.
The responsive user interface allows the students to access their training environment from any device using a browser.


Would you like to provide high quality IT training for 1 to 10.000 students?

...plan and test complex network infrastructures in a safe environment without having to set them up and run them? security trainings simulating real-life scenarios that cannot be executed as they do not comply with your surroundings guidelines?

...use pre-configured software development environments to provide consistent trainings for your international staff?

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Option A

Fast Lane develops and hosts a bespoke trainings environment based on your requirements

Option B

Fast Lane hosts a pre-existing solution for your company

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Each request will be handled individually.
Only exactly the services you need will be included in the final price.
We are happy to provide a Demo Lab and create a custom offer for you.

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